Recover Abandoned Stripe Carts

You lose more than 10% of revenue in abandoned carts, recover them today and grow your business.

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Only pay for the conversions

There is no upfront fee, just pay whenever someone pays for the abandoned checkout session


of the total amount of cart

How it works?

User Leaves The Checkout

It's very likely that the user forgets to pay for the checkout or is distracted by something else

We Capture The Expired Checkout

We collect the information from the expired checkout session and keep track of it until it is converted

We Try To Convert By Sending Email(s)

We try to convert the checkout session by sending two emails to the customer


All the features you need to convert abandoned checkout sessions

Easy to use dashboard

Only see what you wanna see in the dashboard. There is no extra information.

convertx dahsboard layout
convertx flow

Send automated emails for better conversion

We send the first email after an hour just to remind the customer about the checkout and then we send an email after 24 hours with a discount code.

Offer Discount Codes

Increase chances of conversion by offering discount codes to the users. This is the final try to convert the expired checkout.

Discount dashboard screenshot
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